Forever Liss Anabolizante Ultra Concentrated Hair Nutrition Mask 950g 32,1oz


Forever Liss Professional Anabolic Hair Supplement Mask
Professional-size treatment for damaged or chemically treated hair. Forever Liss Professional Anabolic Hair Supplement gives you more strength and shine without leaving heavy strands. It has a reconstruction effect, which also provides the hydration effect.
Forever Liss Professional Anabolic Hair Supplement is a true shock treatment for porous, opaque and weak strands. 

Coconut Oil: Recovers the natural moisture of the hair to ensure shine, softness and movement. Rich in Vitamin E, it also protects hair from external aggressions such as pollution to prevent premature aging.
Aminoplex: A mix of vitamins obtained from Whey Protein with Collagen that results in strength, endurance, discipline and strand flexibility.
Soy Protein: It also helps give hair strength and endurance, as well as stimulating the healthy growth of new hair.
Arginine: It is the secret for hair to grow strong and healthy. It acts on microcirculation and nourishes the hair bulb to prevent breakage and give more resistance.
How to use
Forever Liss Professional Anabolic Hair Supplement Mask
Application Council
After washing your hair with an anti-waste shampoo or your own shampoo, remove the maximum moisture with a towel. Separate at least 4 strands of hair and pass the mask from root to tip with the gloving motion. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse.
Strong hair, resistant and free of porosity. Intense nutrition with hydration result: lightness, movement and intense shine.

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