Forever Liss Banho De Verniz Mask 300g


The Forever Liss Nail Polish Moisturizing Mask is developed with natural actives, ideal for providing strong, healthy and shiny hair. Its formula rich in D'Panthenol and Phytokeratin and Coconut Oil, in addition to nourishing and moisturizing repairs all the porosity of the fiber intensely recovering the hair.
Super concentrated, easily penetrates the hair intensely moisturizing the most affected areas reviving the color of hair leaving radiant, super hydrated, soft and with maximum brightness.
- Coconut Oil: Repairing system, acts on the structure of the hair recovering the hair fiber, rich in vitamin E strengthens and creates a protective film on the hair.
- D'Panthenol: Provides Maximum Moisturizing on the wires providing softness, conducting shine and reviving the color of the wires.
- Phytokeratin: Recovers lost shine, renews and moisturizes all hair with a keratin bath.
- Provides a super brightness;
- Revives hair color;
- Moisturizes deeply;
- Nourishes and repairs hair fiber.
How to use:
Apply to the clean and damp hair Mask Moisturizing Brightness Bath, distributing evenly with a comb for better penetration of the product;
Let it sit for 10 minutes until you realize that the Nail Polish has been absorbed into your hair;
Rinse normally and finish as desired.

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