Forever Liss Ultra Energy Concentrated Hair Mask 950g

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Forever Liss Professional Hair Energizer
Ultra concentrated mask for all hair types. Forever Liss Professional Energetic Hair Mask Treatment Mask replenishes lost hair mass and vitamins.
Repairs hair fiber worn out by chemical processes and constant use of drier and flat iron. Forever Liss Professional Energetic Hair Treatment Mask ensures the reconstruction of the hair and gives resistance, while depositing the necessary vitamins to keep the hair strong, healthy, hydrated and shiny.
- All Hair Types.
- Hair that needs special care.
- Replenishes the vitamins necessary for hair fiber health, keeping the hair extremely healthy, providing strength to the hair leaving them prepared for daily aggressions, constant use of chemical and weather aggressions and high temperatures.
- Replacement of Vitamins and Lost Hair Mass;
- brightness;
- hydration;
- reconstruction;
- Constant Treatment in Hair Fiber;
- Extremely healthy hair;
- Force;
- Hair Protection;
- New Life to the Wires.
- Vitamin A: Provides Healthy Hair Growth Leaving Fortified Hair;
- Vitamin B: Promotes Strength by Avoiding the Fall;
- Vitamin E: Regenerates and protects the hair, leaving them extremely healthy;
- Guarana Powder: Helps in hair growth;
- Acai: Moisturizes and acts against the aging of hair fiber;
- Quinoa: Rich in plant amino acids that help repair hair structure damage, while proteins strengthen and protect hair strands.
- Pro Vitamin B5: Provides Maximum Hair Moisturizing for softness, shine and reviving hair color.
- Keratin: Helps eliminate frizz, strengthen and reduce hair breakage, provides smooth effect, does not have the power to straighten because it is not chemical but promotes appearance of leaving the hair smooth, as it aligns the hair cuticles.
How to use:
- Apply Hair Energetic with damp hair to the entire area of ​​the hair, with a comb until you notice uniformity in the application.
- Leave for 5 minutes.
- Rinse normally and finish as desired.
- Extremely strong, healthy, rebuilt, shiny, super hydrated and renewed hair with the burst of energy Capillary vitamins.

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