Inoar Argan Oil Thermoliss Soft Shampoo 240ml


Inoar Argan Oil Thermoliss Shampoo is a treatment for all types of hair. It promotes a gentle, efficient cleaning that does not harm the scalp or hair fibers.

Rich in silk amino acids, pro-vitamin B5 and argan oil, the formula of Inoar Argan Oil Thermoliss penetrates the inner layers of the hair, intensely nourishing and hydrating it.

Inoar Argan Oil Thermoliss - Shampoo 240ml: promotes a gentle cleansing, which does not harm the scalp or dry the hair.

Silk amino acids: helps to rebuild and strengthen the hair fibers.
Pro-vitamin B5: nourishes the hair, restoring health and energy.
Argan oil: enormous hydration capacity, revitalizes lifeless threads giving softness, silkiness and shine.

How to use
Inoar Argan Oil Thermoliss Shampoo

Application Council
Apply the shampoo to damp hair and massage gently with your fingertips until abundant foam forms.
Then rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation.

Hair clean, untangled and hydrated, free of frizz and with intense shine, in addition to being progressively smooth.

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