Inoar Bombar Coconut Oil With D Pantenol And Biotin To Treat Hair Fall 30ml

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Inoar Bombar Coconut Oil
Coconut oil to strengthen the threads. Inoar Bombar Coconut Oil has antioxidant effect, helps in growth and combat the fall. Its unique formula is ideal for all hair types and contributes to much healthier yarn

Inoar Bombar Coconut Oil has as its main assets Biotin, which helps in the growth and strengthening, combating the fall and coconut oil, rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which return nutrition, hydration and rebuild the wires. Products not tested on animals and without ingredients of animal origin.

Biotin: Vitamin that provides the growth and strengthening of the hair fiber, prevents damages and breaks and protects account of the daily aggressions.

Coconut Oil: rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, retains moisture within the wires for longer and protects against damage caused by antioxidants such as dryness, opacity and roughness.
How to use
Inoar Bombar Coconut Oil
Application Council
With damp hair apply a small amount to the ends of the hair. Pre-brush can be used.
Restored and stronger hair.

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