Inoar Cicatrifios Capillary Plastic Kit 2 x 1000ml


Treatment kit for damaged hair. Kit Inoar Cicatrifios Capillary Plastic is ideal to leave your hair disciplined and sealed.
Kit Inoar Cicatrifios Capillary Plastic repairs the cuticle, reduces breakage and fights frizz. Its formula also contains the composition RejuComplex3, a technology capable of regenerating hair and offering progressive reduction in volume.
Inoar Cicatrifios - Shampoo 500ml: renews and reduces breakage.
Inoar Cicatrifios - Conditioner 500ml: moisturizes the threads and ensures softness.
RejuComplex3: promotes total recovery of the hair fiber, seals the hair and gradually reduces the volume. A real plastic for disciplined and renewed wires.
How to use
Application Council
Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage gently for a few moments. Rinse. Then distribute the length conditioner to the tips. Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse well.
Your hair aligned and repaired.
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