Inoar Vegan Cicatrifios Hair Hydrating Mask 1KG


Inoar Cicatrifios
Treatment mask for all hair types. Inoar Cicatrifios Mask hydrates and intensely renews the hair fiber to reduce breakage, frizz and volume progressively.

Inoar Cicatrifios Mask one of the ingredients of capillary plastic with active emollients to provide instant results. Thus, it disciplines the threads, softens, strengthens, protects the coloring and facilitates brushing with durability.

Product released for the No Poo and Co-wash technique. Can be used on all types of hair.

RejuComplex3: promotes total recovery of the hair fiber, seals the hair and gradually reduces the volume. A real plastic for disciplined and renewed wires.

How to use
Application Council
After washing your hair with shampoo, remove excess water with the towel. Spread the mask from length to ends strand by strand. Leave on for 2 to 5 minutes and rinse.
Her hair renewed, reconstructed, aligned, untangled, with less breakage, less frizz, silky, shiny and soft.

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