Portier Ciclos Botox Unique 1KG


Portier Botox Unique Cycles B-tox Volume Control Without Formaldehyde 1kg
B-tox Portier Unique is a treatment specially developed to combat premature aging of hair. Restoring the health and beauty of the wires.
Botox Portier Unique has an innovative technology in its formula, capable of restoring the health of damaged wires, and still provide an incredible volume reduction since the first application.
The composition of Botox Unique Portier is enriched with ingredients such as Baobab protein and amino acids. Baobá is of African origin, known as the "Tree of Life".
Ingredients that provide eminence and combat aging.
With B-tox Unique Portier your hair has better conditioning and resistance.
How to Use
the B-tox Unique Volume Control Portier Cycles
Wash your hair with Deep Cleaning shampoo. After rinsing a pre-dried hair and apply Botox Unique Portier strand by strand and let it act for 20 to 40 minutes. After the pause time, rinse only with water in the sink. Then brush and plank in thin strands, 7 to 10 times. Finish as you wish.
01 Portier Cycles B-tox Unique Volume Control 1kg

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