Portier Ciclos Botox Violet Reconstructive Mask 1KG


The PORTIER CICLOS Hair Capping Botox was specially developed for natural blond hair, bleached or with any type of chemical. Its formula has Ultra Blue and Anti Yellow, eliminating the unwanted yellowish tone, neutralizing the color and returning shine, softness and protection to the hair. It allows a perfect cuticle sealing, since the Capox Capillary Matizador Portier, has excellent emollient and nourishing properties, involving the threads as a protective film and is enriched with polyphenols and organic acids, promoting intense nutrition and reducing Volume and Frizz.
Blonde hair, with streaks, gray and with highlights.
Compatible with any type of chemistry.
Botox Reconstructive Mask acts to fill in the hair fiber flaws, aligns and neutralizes the yellowish effect of the threads.
Volume reduction;
Natural Smooth Effect;
Hydration, Brightness and Softness;
Tints blond hair and eliminates the unwanted yellowish effect;
How to use:
Wash your hair with a Deep Cleaning Shampoo, dry 90% the humidity with the aid of a towel and dryer;
Separate the hair into 4 parts and start applying at the back of the neck;
Apply the Portier Ciclos Cacao Botox Capillary Matizer keeping a distance of 1cm from the scalp and with the aid of a fine comb, spread it all over the hair;
Wait 20 to 40 minutes and let the product act;
Rinse by removing the product;
Dry the hair again and divide the hair into thin strands, passing the board 7 to 12 times to seal the cuticles.
Hair with reduced volume, super soft, reconstructed, protected and tinted without the yellowish effect

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