Ultra Hydrating Mask Desmaia Cabelo - Forever Liss 950g


Do you want super hydration? Then take it: the Faint Hair mask has instant anti-volume and anti-frizz action and is super effective in smoothing the hair, which leaves the hair silky, soft and very shiny.
With a concentrated formula of Brazilian Keratin, D'Pantenol, Collagen and Amino Acid Synergy, it recovers the strands attacked by chemistry, performing a deep hydration on the strands and thus ensuring the reduction of volume and capillary alignment.
Main benefits:
- Volume reduction effect;
- Anti Frizz;
- Aligned hair;
- Extreme softness;
- Intense shine;
- Silkiness;
- Capillary Fiber Alignment;
- Sensation of Lightness Instantly in the Wires.
For all types of hair.
It acts by hydrating instantly, combating volume and frizz by aligning the hair, leaving it super soft, hydrated and silky with an incredible lightness sensation in the strands.
-Keratin Brazilian (Vegetable Origin, Corn and Soy): Helps eliminate frizz, strengthen and reduce the breakage of hair, provides a smooth effect, does not have the power to smooth because it is not chemical but rather promotes the appearance of leaving the hair straight, because it aligns the capillary cuticles.
- D'Pantenol: Offers maximum hydration in the threads providing softness, leading to shine and reviving the color of the threads.
- Collagen: Maintains the shape of the hair and prevents the breakage of the strands, keeping them fully fortified, hydrated and nourished internally;
- Amino Acid Synergy: Decreases the aggressions caused by the constant use of chemicals and external aggressions such as a hairdryer and straightener, keeping hair healthy and shiny.
How to use:
- Apply the Forever Liss Fade Hair Mask with damp hair over the entire area of ​​the hair;
- Comb with a comb until you notice uniformity in the application.
- Let stand for 5 minutes.
- Rinse normally and finish as desired.
Tip: product without chemistry promotes the sensation of straight hair, as it aligns the hair fiber.

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