Zap Banho De Verniz Deep Nutrition Hair Mask 950g

€62,95 €78,95

Zap Banho De Verniz Hair Mask is a professional treatment that provides softness and shine from the first application. Its technology repairs and nourishes hair, restoring the beauty and natural shine of the hair.

Zap Banho de Verniz, significantly reduces hair volume and eliminates frizz caused by stressed strands, the Zap Varnish Bath Sealant Mask is a top seller among professionals who want to offer a treatment that aligns without intervention. stronger as a progressive brush.

The satisfactory result of the application gives the name to the Zap Nail Polish Sealant Mask, which leaves the hair soft, silky and shiny, like a Nail Polish.

Suggested Use:

With your hair already clean and slightly damp, apply a sufficient amount of Varnish Bath Sealant evenly over the length of the strands, strand by strand, gloving and massaging from root to tip. Let it act for 20 minutes. Pre-brush, pranche and finish as desired.

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