Oriental Hair - Tips to have a beautiful one! August 12 2020

Oriental hair is undoubtedly different from the rest. After all, they are smooth, heavy, black and very beautiful. But is it just these characteristics that make Asian hair deserve special attention?
In fact, in general, these hairs are thicker and therefore have a larger number of cuticle cells in each of the strands. As such, moisture does not get inside the locks, which makes them brighter and smoother.
But after all, how to take care of oriental hair? Here are some tips

No keratin
In oriental hair, keratin is distributed in abundance, which helps with resistance to heat, sun and even moisture. However, this excess substance can damage the wires.
So if your hair has these characteristics, avoid products with keratin! Give preference, for example, to those who take care of the scalp.
Do not paint in a salon that you don't trust
If you feel like coloring your hair, don't do it in some salon that you don't know! Oriental hair is very dark, so to dye it any other color you will need to discolor it first.
This is a very aggressive process! Therefore, look for a trusted professional to do this process.
Make your baby-liss last
Having a straight hair is a dream for a lot of women, but not everyone wants to spend a lifetime with it like that. However, as we said, Japanese hair is very heavy and therefore it is very difficult to hold the curls.
So the tip we give is as follows: use a lot of mousse and fixative spray. This pair will help your hair stay with the hairstyle longer.

Purple Products: Know all about this blonde trick July 08 2020

Purple hair products, such as shampoo, conditioner and mask, are famous for promising to take yellow out of blond hair. But while some blondes love purple products, others loathe and claim they don't work or have had bad experiences. So, let's tell you a little bit about how they work.

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How it works
Although these products have purple pigments that tend to nullify orange tones (purple is the opposite color of orange in the color scale, which means one "cancels" the other), shampoo and other purple hair products won't prevent your strands turn orange again, but yes, they can really help (all hair colors).
It's not just blondes who can use purple products. Brunettes can too! Anyone who does not want a very warm tone can use purple products to cool the color. So, do you think your caramel omelet is too hot? Add some purple conditioner. Is your brown a little reddish? Purple shampoo! You may not see as much difference as in blonde hair, but it helps.
Care the way you use!
If purple products do not bring you results or ruined your hair, it may be because you use them the wrong way, for example: use it every day or leave it in your hair for a long time. Sometimes people leave the product on their hair for an hour thinking that they will look very light blond, like ice blonde, but it will stain their hair an opaque color. Another mistake is to apply to dry hair. The wires must be damp to receive this product, otherwise the blonde will turn gray.

What Is Chemical Haircut? Know All About This ! July 01 2020

What is chemical cutting?
Chemical cutting occurs when there is extreme aggression to the hair, either by excessive straightening, strands or lights made with hair weakened by another chemical process, product application errors (incompatibility, break time, excess, straightening force, among others). One of the most common is the incompatibility between the chemical ones. For example, if you do a Guanidine-based straightening / relaxation and then apply Ammonia Thioglycolate on top, your hair will surely break. And this is nothing more than the famous chemical cut.
The Main Symptoms Of Chemical Haircutting
Some symptoms are very characteristic of chemical cutting:
- The tips break easily as if they were falling apart;
- The thread is full of white dots, double ends, triple and even quadruple;
- It becomes elastic, that is, you pull the thread and it goes back and forth;
- The hair becomes rubbery, dull and rough;
- Hair loss may occur if the procedure is done at the root.
How to prevent chemical cutting?
The most important step is to perform the wickness test before any chemical procedure. It is he who will show whether your hair is fit to perform the transformation or not. Here's how simple it is:
1 - Take a piece of hair on the back of the neck - this is good because if something happens, the part can be hidden;
2 - Apply the product and wait about 45 minutes until it acts;
3 - Then wash and dry the lock normally to see how the hair will react;
4 - If he has any of the symptoms described above, better wait saw ?!
How to restore the wires after chemical cut?
There are many ways to save a chemically cut hair. Between them:
- Patience: It seems difficult, but it is necessary and important. In some cases, it may take up to 2 years to fully recover;
- Cut already: often, taking 3 or 4 fingers already solves and helps to greatly improve that damaged and brittle aspect;
- Capillary schedule in it: nothing like adhering to the stages of hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. They will replace water, lipids and hair mass to the hair;
- Moisture: In it, the hair is bathed with 100% vegetable oils 30 minutes before bath or before bed, thus making the night wet. The result is healthier, more lively hair;
- Take a break from the chemists: chemical procedure at this point don't even think. The situation can get much worse, and the recovery time increases even more;
- Also take a break from the dryer, curling iron and curler: electric appliances in direct contact with the locks can make your hair more elastic;
- Invest in finishers: A good finisher also helps super protect and strengthen yarns.
Now that you know all about chemical cutting, just take good care of your hair, right?! And if in doubt, look for a professional you trust.

Tips for Using Fixing Spray on Curly Hair August 22 2019

Resultado de imagem para spray application hair  
If you have curly hair, you probably spent most of your life hearing that certain products or habits were completely prohibited for this type of hair. Among them, brush dry hair, hold strands when they are still damp and use fixative spray.
Until today, it was believed that hair spray made the curls hard and heavy, but the new formulas on the market promises to end this myth. If used the right way, the spray can and should be used by those with curly hair. And that's exactly what we're going to talk about today!
  • Run from sprays that have water as first ingredient
The first thing to do when you want to buy a fixative spray is to check the ingredients. If the first on the list is water, it is not made for tangled hair. The product will leave the wires sticky and heavy.
If overused, waterborne spray can even break the strands, especially when used as a hair styling finish. So be very careful.
  2- Use the product on damp hair
Try using the spray with your hair still damp! To do this, apply the product to your wires after shampooing and before starting to finish the hair as usual.
This will prevent frizz and thus also help in fixing the curls, but without leaving that hard aspect. Spray can also be an ally for redefining curls after bedtime, for example.
3- Invest in hydration
Curly and wavy strands are usually drier, so choose sprays that do not have a jet or very dry formula. This information can be found very easily on product packaging.
Invest in those with moisturizing actives such as coconut oil or aloe vera.
To avoid the wet look that the most moisturizing products can give, spray at least 12 inches from the strands and always change the direction of the jet.
After using the product, it is also important to invest in a moisturizing mask to prevent hair from drying out and breaking.

How to value short hair August 22 2019



It is common to take some time to get accustomed to short hair when we have just cut them. Often we are not accustomed and do not know how to value the wires. But calm down! In this post we've put together some tips to make you look beautiful with your short hair!



From curly to smooth, all hair types have a unique beauty and one of the main tricks to ensure a perfect finish in shorter yarn is to value this aspect. Talk to your hairstylist and ask for maintenance and finishing products that are suitable for your hair texture and highlight their natural characteristics.



When finalizing short hair, take care not to highlight just the volume of the back, in the so-called "crown" on top of the head, and smooth the front. This error, very common, by the way, guarantees an unbalanced and old-fashioned look. The tip is avoid to use the same texture over the entire length of the wires.



When finalizing the shorter yarns, the dryer may not be the better option, after all, as the volume in this type of styling is more prominent, if you overdo the use of the tool you end up with excessively full locks. The tip is to use the heat to dry only 80% of the wires, removing excess water. Then apply an ideal finisher for your hair texture and let the work finish on its own, ensuring a natural and beautiful look.



Trying to avoid over-volume in her new stylings, many short-haired girls decide to bet on a completely flat finish. It turns out that, often, this styling is not the most suitable for such cases, since it reduces the sides of the face and stretches the region. If straight hair are your favorite, use dry shampoos or sprays to fill the root of the wires a little, using your fingers to lift the area.

Hair Coloring Myths and Truths August 22 2019


For many years, it was believed that the colors and lights were bad for the hair, but in fact, if the procedures is well done and the hairdresser can identify the limit of the hair, it can remain healthy and beautiful, without breaking or falling.


Still, there is a lot of misinformation spreading about colored hair. But don't worry, cause we going to tell you all of them! Check out:


  • The ink dries the hair


Myth. The ink not makes the hair dry. Actually, Hydrogen peroxide (the substance present in the oxidants) is the real responsible for causing dryness, but it all depends on the volume used of the substance, a point that people do not usually pay much attention to. For the paint, there are oxidants from 10 to 40 volumes. The higher the volume, the more aggression to the wires. Each of these oxidants is specific to a hair type, so it is up to the hairdresser to evaluate the porosity and structure of the hair to determine which one is appropriate. If there is no such assessment, there may certainly be dryness.


  • Coloring the wires with dark tones helps to protect the wires


Myth. This information is very popular, but it is completely false. All dyes have the same action on the hair, regardless of color, and can damage the hair if not used properly. In fact, people get this impression because dark inks reflect more light than lighter shades, which causes a false impression of hydration.



  • Who has colored hair can use flat iron or baby-liss


Truth. Those who have the colored wires can use flat iron or baby-liss, but carefully. Use should not be daily and care must be taken with temperature. It is essential to use a thermal protector first and the wires should always be well dry.


  • Natural blonde hair suffers more from dyes


Myth. Again, the dyes have the same action on the hair and their color does not influence it. What determines how much hair will suffer from dyeing is the thickness of the strands. Thinner strands tend to suffer more because they are more delicate, but with proper diagnosis and the use of products that oxidize less, it is possible to preserve the integrity and beauty of even the finest hair.


  • Hair toners are less aggressive than paints


Truth. Hair paints often contain ammonia, a substance that opens the cuticles and allows the color to penetrate more into the strands. This is what makes the dye last longer. The toners have no ammonia, so they are less aggressive and also last less, fully losing their color in about two months.

Hair vs. physical activity and sweat April 10 2019

Mong one of the womans beauty habits is the gym routine. Treadmill, bodybuilding,
spinning, dancing, fights ... the diversity of activities is enormous. Whatever is chosen, the fact
is the same: you have to sweat! At the end of the exercise, another concern with beauty comes
in: the care of the hair. And then, the question arises: should we always wash our hair after the
First, let's understand how sweat acts on the wires: sweat is made up of sodium chloride
(salt) and fat, which are produced by the skin glands. With the practice of physical activity,
these components have increased production, causing damage to the wires. Excess salt, for
example, can result in dry hair, while fat, which has a protective function, can clog the follicle
when it is too much.
In addition to damage to the hair fiber, sweat creates a scary appearance to any woman:
Sodium chloride and fat are liquids that moisten and stick to the wire, disrupting their shape,
creating embarrassment and resulting in an unpleasant appearance.
Therefore, the ideal is to wash your hair whenever you sweat a lot after a physical activity.
Of course if it is a moderate workout, it does not have this need, but when the hair drips off, it
is advised to wash them.
To maintain the natural oiliness of the yarns, you have to choose suitable products for
this. The low pool is a good option. On days when the you have to rush dry shampoos can also
help. They help reduce moisture and oiliness of the scalp, giving the hair more lightness,
volume and extending the duration of the hairstyle.

Do I always have to change my shampoos and conditioners? April 04 2019

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1) To begin with, it is necessary to mention that there are several scientific proofs that using the
same products with high frequency over time actually improves their effectiveness the results

2) Another important factor to consider is the amount of waste left by other products,
especially styling products such as gels, ointments and sprays, which can critically affect the
look and feel of the hair and are not related to the effect of shampoo and conditioner . When
used too often, they ask for a deeper cleaning of the threads, increasing the number of washes
or doubling the use of the shampoo with each wash.

3) Periods of hormonal changes such as adolescence, pregnancy and menopause can alter the
structure of the wires and thus the need for hydration and care of your hair. In these times, it is
best to seek the advice of dermatologists or doctors to understand whether you need to add
some step to your routine (such as a mask or ampoule) or whether you need to change the
benefit of the products you are accustomed to use.

4) The passage of time also influences the structure of hair that, like hairs, becomes thinner and
fragile with age. With this, there may be a need for treatments to strengthen or protect hair,
but this does not imply that your Shampoo and Conditioner have to be changed if your formula
is already of superior care.

5) Lastly, if you live in places with drastic changes in weather, you can try different version of
your favorite products, focusing on Restoration of severe heat damage and intense hydration in
the cold.
This is one of the strongest beliefs about hair care products. If you have ever felt that your
favorite shampoo and conditioner will not have the same effect, get ready to find out what
really happens and what the reasons are.
However, the most important thing is to ensure that you are using high quality products and
advanced technology. With this, you accumulate results over time, making a complete
treatment. If this is your case, the most you will need will be to add a step to your hair routine
or adjust the collection used to a new benefit while keeping the main active ingredients to
continue with the desired effect.


CONDITIONER April 03 2019

When it comes to passing the conditioner, many people do not know what to do and spend it
on their entire hair. Ok. When we pass, the hair becomes soft, but in fact, put conditioner at the
root can result in peeling and excessive oiliness.


After thoroughly washing your hair twice with the shampoo, the conditioner part is very easy.
Just apply the product to the length and ends and, as you untangle the wires with your fingers,
two minutes are enough to let it act and treat your strands.
Important tip: Waste of conditioner in the hair after the shower is not cool. The product was
not made to stay in the wires as it does not have antioxidant agents to protect them. Therefore,
it is a good idea to rinse well until the water leaves well cleaned, see?


Not! The conditioner is as important as the shampoo when it comes to washing your hair. The
story that the product weighs and leaves oily hair is a great myth. It has the power to close the
cuticles that have been opened by the shampoo for hygiene. In fact, the best option is choose a
product for oily hair.
But what about investing in a finisher after the shower? If you want to use dryer, use a heat-
activated leave-in to protect your wires from the heat of the tool. For women with curly and
curly hair, combing cream is a good way to define curls.

Learn how to wash your hair properly on a daily basis January 21 2019


Many women wash their hair and can not get them loose and silky at the end of the process as they would like. This may have happened because there was some mistake in the washing process that went wasted. With this post, we aim to help you wash and care for your wires daily so they are always beautiful the way you deserve.

For start, it is important that the water is at not so  warm temperature, so as not to overuse the wires. At the time of shampooing, the amount of product is similar to the size of a coin. Hair should be washed twice: the first time to remove oil and dirt, and the second to take advantage of the benefits and treatment of the product. Attention: the wash should be done by rubbing the fingers at the root, never the nails. The nails can damage the root causing them to have spaces for the entrance of fungi and other bad microorganisms.

After rinsing well, remove all the product and the excess water. If you want to moisturize the wires, the ideal at this point is to use the massage cream. The shampoo opens the cuticle of the hair, leaving it ready to receive the nutrients. Only then comes the conditioner, to close the cuticle. The measure for both products is also that of a "coin" in the palm of the hand.

Those who have the most oily wires should pass the cream just on the tips. For curly hair that is usually drier, it should spread throughout the length and the remaining residue on the hand can be put on the parts closest to the scalp to help contain the frizz. The ideal is to pass the conditioner and let it act for 2 minutes, then pass cold water.

Some hairs still need a leave-in or combing cream at the end of the process. With damp hair, place a small amount of the cream on the palm of the hand and apply about halfway down the wires, kneading the curls with your hands, from the bottom up. Another suggestion is to comb with your fingers. The product will help in clearance and prevent breakage. It is not necessary to rinse.

Tips to have a Kardashain's hair January 08 2019


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One of the most wanted hairs is, without a shadow of a doubt, Kim Kardashain. With her glossy black hair she calls attention both in the day to day and in the red carpets. Here are some tips for you that want to have the wires as full of life as hers.


1- Hydration

As always, this practice plays an important role in capillary health. But it is important to make this habit something regular. No moisturize only once a month, ok?


2- Controlled temperature

The hair straightener can ruin (much) the wires. Therefore, when using the product, control the temperature and use a thermal protector.

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3- Sleeping with silk pillow

Fabrics such as cotton and polyester rub the strands, making them often wake up opaque and frizzy. To keep the shine, silk pillows are a great request.


4- Protect and finalize the wires

with oils

Essential oils are great for sealing and brightening. Use them as an ally!

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5- Dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt

The towel, although much used and common, rubs against the hair and causes frizz and opacity. When you get out of the shower, it's better use that old cotton tank top you no longer wear.  Your Hollywood celebrity look will appreciate it!

Organic Paints: safety for you and the earth! January 03 2019

With the discovery of new technologies and products, a market that is getting bigger is that of natural cosmetics. The pursuit of skin care, nail and health bet more and more on everything that nature has to offer. When it comes to hair, it could not be different: products that have the power to help the wires and are less aggressive to the scalp are the new bet for women suffering with damaged hair.

Therefore, organic paints appear as a new alternative: they are dyes that promise to color the hair, naturally, without attacking them.

Organic paint must have all natural characteristics.

In addition, ingredients that have been grown with the use of pesticides, fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers are banned.

They are an excellent outlet because they do not have substances that are often harmful to the hair, such as lead, ammonia and alcatrao. They are also an option for anyone who wants to discolor hair but has allergies to these components.

Organic dyes are therefore safest in terms of our health and environmental impacts. Stay tuned for the product labels and consult your hairdresser to understand the process!

Chlorine and hair - how to reconcile December 27 2018


On sunny days or in an afternoon meeting with friends, it is almost impossible to resist the pool and the dives. However, although very fun, the pools are not so harmless to the health of our hair.
The chlorine removes the natural hydration of the hair, leaving the sensation and visual of "rough". The amount of damage this can cause by weakening and removing moisturizing protection from the surface of the wires depends on the time, frequency of exposure, and the level of chlorine in the water. Without the protective layer, chlorine reacts directly with the pigmentation and proteins of the hair, which can cause the "green" impression on people with lighter hair.


To avoid damages, take note of our tips:
  • Wear a cap
If you are an athlete and your contact with the pool is weekly, it is essential to wear a cap. To avoid rubbing the threads too much, first use a fabric cap and, on top, the latex cap.
  • Do not let chlorine act
Wash the wires as soon as they come out of the pool water, even before they dry out. An anti-waste shampoo can also be a good choice if you do not have chemicals in your hair. Hydrations  should be constant (at least once a week) and the quick action masks and ampoules are more than welcome.
  • Wet your hair before entering the pool
Wet hair with water (no chlorine!) before entering the water. The explanation is that, thus, the wires will already be saturated with water, avoiding that the contact with chlorine is so harmful.
  • Care for your tips
The part of the hair that first undergoes the effects of mixing water with chlorine are the ends of the strands. If it is not hydrated enough, the hydrations will not be able to reverse the damage, and the only possible solution will be the cut. So do not give up a good tip repairer in your routine.

How to use modeling brushes to change your look December 11 2018

Sometimes we are tired of the same look and we want to change it, but we do not know how. A great option are the modelers and electric brushes. Versatile and full of technology, they are a great option and can do wonders for your yarns in various styles! Check out below some tips to vary using these products:
  • Wash hair with moisturizing line shampoo and change conditioner through mask to keep wires disciplined longer.
  • Apply a leave-in antifrizz action and remove excess moisture with the dryer.
  • To ensure the perfect smoothness, use a hot-air brush, which runs from the root to the ends with the bristles facing inward, as if you were combing the wires. The straightener should be used with the hair totally dry, only for finishing.
To model
  • The trick to a moving brush is in the preparation. Use a volume shampoo and a mild conditioner not to weigh.
  • Spray texture spray all over the hair, including the root, and dry using your hands.
  • Rotary brushes, when used at the same time as the dryer, create right waves. Already the so-called magic brush, which only heats, should be used alone. With the appliance upright, wrap the wicks one by one on the bristles, hold for ten seconds and release.
Curly or waves
  • On styling day, dispense the conditioner. This helps create texture and increases the duration of the effect.
  • Pass a definition cream with thermal protection. If you want more defined curls, dry with a diffuser.
  • Choose the babyliss according to the desired effect. The wider the apparatus, the more open the wave. Automatic modelers - which spin and wind the hair on their own - are easier to use than the others. But take care: Use thin wicks for not tangle up the hair.

LOW POO AND NO POO November 20 2018

Washing the hair is one of the most sacred moments of beauty, however, not always the shampoo we use does well to capillary health. The reason is simple: sulfate, petroleum derivatives and parabens present in traditional products that are used for cleaning can cause dryness and loss of oiliness. To give a rest to the wires, there are techniques like the low poo and no poo.

The procedures are ideal for keeping curly and curly hairs more moisturized, but nothing prevents them from being used on other types of yarn.


Low poo
If you are used to using the common shampoo, it is best to start with the low poo, after all, abrupt change can damage your hair. Low-poo products have a low sulfate content.

The low poo is indicated primarily for those who can not completely eliminate traditional shampoos because of excessive oiliness of the scalp. Sportsmen or women who live in places with high temperatures, for example, suffer the most from the problem.

No poo
In the case of the no poo the use of sulfate is totally eliminated from the capillary routine. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the use of products which do not mix with water, such as insoluble silicones, mineral oil and paraffin. They stick to the wires and you may need to use the sulphate for cleaning.

To follow the technique of the no poo, you can eliminate shampoo with or without sulfate and substitute for homemade recipes. It is still possible to buy products that serve to clean hair, but that do not have sulfate. If you are thinking of adhering to washes, you need to shy away from shampoos that have substances like sodium, lauryl sulfate, lauryl ether, ammonium sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate.

In the no-poo method, the co-wash is applied, a process that relies on the use of the conditioner alone. In the low poo, the shampoo (even if with little sulphate) still precedes the act of conditioning.

It is important to avoid the use of conditioners that contain insoluble silicones, especially during no-poo. Hairs need emollients, humectants, proteins and moisturizers and it is therefore recommended to look for products that contain shea butter, vegetable oils, olive oil, chestnut oil, D-Panthenol, Glycerin, Sorbital, Aloe Vera, wheat and soy.

In addition to all these has a great advantage for those who use both techniques: you less wash your hair, so you can save money and shampoo!


Many women have the desire to lighten their hair but do not want to undergo chemically aggressive processes that need eternal touches. Therefore, in this matter we will give some tips for those who want to light the wires naturally and away from the saloons.


1- Sun

Although the sun is in many ways harmful to the hair, when it comes to getting blonde it can be a great ally. The sun clears the wires, especially in summer, when their incidence is higher. To keep from getting dry, always moisturize your hair.


2- Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another alternative. But attention! If your hair is dark it runs the risk of turning red. Therefore, this tip is restricted to those who already have blond or light brown wires. The way to do it is simple: Dilute the juice of a lemon into a little water and let it act for about 30 minutes in the sun. After the procedure you need to apply a conditioner.


3- Chamomile tea

This is one of the most famous ways to lighten the wires naturally. Make a concetrated tea and spray on the wires, exposing them to the sun. The longer you leave, the greater the effect.


4- Power Mix

If you want to potentiate even the effect, make a blend of chamomile, lemon, cinnamon and canendula tea. If you do not worry so much about naturalness, you can even add a little hydrogen peroxide. But do not forget: too much hydration after the process!

Stressed person, Stressed hair November 07 2018


Have you tried everything and can not understand why your hair is falling? It may be that even if you feed yourself well and buy the best products, your problem is internal.

Hair is very sensitive parts of our body and can sometimes suffer damage from the inside out. We have talked about this on the blog a few times about food for example, but there is another factor that can also damage our wires: our mental health.

Stress hair loss is real and scientifically proven. During periods of stress the body releases a substance that increases the production of estriol, which in turn blocks the entry of nutrients in the capillary region causing a premature termination of the growth phase. In addition, stress also increases hair oiliness, favoring the formation of dandruff.

First of all, if you consider yourself to be a stressed person you must go to a specialist. It will probably ask you blood tests that are essential to diagnose this problem. The examination is very important even because lack of nutrients can cause stress (is one problem may be connected to another).


If you really are sure that your problem is this, you will probably go through two steps: firstly, you will use products like shampoos, vitamins and hair tonics.

Another part of the process is "de-stressing." This part will depend on your degree and may or may not need medicines.


Our tip:

 If you notice that your hair is falling, seek help, but do NOT get stressed out because of this problem. Remember that nowadays we have great professionals in the area and it is not the end of the world. Being stressed will only make the wires worse.

Also, to prevent this from happening, always have good habits in your routine for your mental health, such as physical activities or going out with friends. The secret of a happy and healthy life is balance!


The hairs suffer daily because of the sun, the dryers and even with the brushing and the way we tie them. That's why you need to be attentive to the care they need all the time. In today's matter, we will help you take care of the wires from the inside out giving you tips of some WONDERFUL foods for your hair.
Resultado de imagem para avocado

1- Avocado

Avocados are a great source of antioxidants and are rich in vitamins E and B, which strengthen the hair and help prevent damage caused by aggressive processes. Some ways to prepare them are in a salad, mashed in a bread toast for breakfast, or even in a hair mask.


Imagem relacionada


2- Carrots

Carrots have vital vitamins, such as C and E, that stimulate hair growth and thicken hair when ingested daily. To facilitate growth, a very good way is to take a glass (about 85g) of fresh carrot juice a day. If you prefer, you can even make a vitamin by adding beets, apples and ginger.


Resultado de imagem para Nuts


3- Nuts

In addition to the usual snack options, nuts are also filled with omega-3s, biotin, protein, copper, and vitamin E. All of these components are essential for achieving shiny strands, while protecting your hair from severe sunrays.


Resultado de imagem para Cocoa


4- Cocoa

Cocoa has vital minerals for hair strengthening, which include zinc, copper and iron. The blend of these elements helps bring the flow of blood to your scalp and promotes growth.




Hydration is indispensable to combat the damage caused by excessive heat, the use of dryer and plank, chemical, pollution and other external factors that strike the wires. Therefore, moisturizing with coconut oil is highly recommended in hair recovery, as the oil has a powerful nutritive action. This oil can be used alone to make massage, but there are also other ways to boost hydration.



Hydration with coconut oil and honey

1 Wash hair only with shampoo;

2 In a bowl, put a teaspoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of honey, mixing them well;

3 Apply to hair, carefully;

4 Leave on for 40 minutes;

5 Wash your hair again.



Hydration with coconut oil and cornstarch

1 Mix 200 ml of water with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and mix well;

2 Bring this mixture to the heat until it thickens;

3 Remove from heat and add 2 tablespoons of moisturizing mask and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil;

4 Wash hair only with shampoo;

5 Pass the mixture throughout the hair;

6 Leave for 40 to 60 minutes.



Hydration with coconut oil and egg

1 Mix in a container 1 egg and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil;

2 Apply to dry hair;

3 Leave for 1 hour;

4 Wash your hair with water only;

5 At night, apply coconut oil and sleep with it in your hair;

6 The next day, wash your hair normally.


Hydration with coconut oil and sugar

1 Mix with 1 tablespoon of hair tonic, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of demerara sugar;

2 Apply the blend to the hair;

3 Leave for 5 to 10 minutes.



Hydration with coconut oil and aloe vera

1 Make a blend with 3 leaves aloe vera, 1 tablespoon hair tonic, 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1 tablespoon moisturizing mask;

2 Apply on any root of dry hair;

3 Let it act for about 1 hour.

Coconut oil is an excellent ally and you can use them in oily or dry hair. Now it's time to recover your wires and choose the best hydration for you!

Postpartum hair loss October 08 2018

Hair loss after pregnancy is normal and affects almost all women who are breastfeeding, but also those who do not breastfeed, although they are somewhat less affected.

The loss hair can begin around 3 months after the baby's birth and is the result of the intense hormonal changes that mark this phase of a woman's life. Healthy eating, rich in vitamins and minerals helps decrease hair loss but there are some extra care that help maintain the health of the hair. Here's what you can do to get through this phase.

1. Eat in a varied and nutritious way
Increasing the daily intake of nutrients is the secret and therefore, the woman should have a healthy and balanced diet, constantly changing the menu. A good tip is to vary meals by increasing their nutritional content.

2. Use products for fragle hair
Using shampoo, condition and serum for hair loss, using good quality brands is a great choice. Vitamin A ampoules can also be used to keep hair beautiful and hydrated, however, vitamin A is most effective when it is consumed in the form of food.

3. Wash your hair a few times a week
Avoiding washing and brushing your hair more than 3 times a week helps prevent hair loss. In addition, the ideal is to always use a wide comb to comb the hair and undo knots.

4. Take medicine for hair loss
When hair loss is very strong and even leaves flaws in the middle of the hair, the dermatologist may indicate an iron supplement because common anemia during pregnancy and postpartum also causes hair loss.


Find The Perfect Hairbrush For You! September 17 2018

Find the perfect hairbrush!

It may seem that the important thing is to just comb the hair and that any brush solves this problem. But believe me, there is an ideal type for your hair, and often the secret of beautiful, shiny hair may be the perfect brushing.

And it's not just the appearance of the wire. Other issues such as oiliness and falling can also be caused by the wrong choice of brush.

So, let's go:

  1. Bristles
  • Natural bristles

These are perfect for controlling frizz and give some shine hair. However, they are not suitable for straightening, since they do not fix the hairstyle very much.

Plastic bristles

  • Plastic bristles

They are ideal for a longer lasting action on the hairstyle. Those that even have little balls at the ends lead the oiliness from the root to the tips.

  1. Format
  • Square or oval

These brushes are made solely for combing. You can use them in dry or wet hair. But do not use them to model, as they can leave a lot of frizz in this case.

  • Round

They serve to model and smooth. The metal or ceramic ones retains the heat and accelerates drying, modeling the wire better.

  • Ventilated

It gives volume due to the spaced bristles. If the model has an oval ceramic base and natural bristles, it also serves to shape the tips.

  1. Your type of hair
  • Thin

Generally, those who have thin hair want to gain volume. For this, those brushes with fine bristles are indicated.

  • Voluminous

Unlike the above case, here the will is to control the volume. For this, the ideal brush is the one with larger spaces between the bristles.

  • With frizz

Anyone with a frizz problem should be aware of the brush material. It should be made of wood with small, well-bonded bristles.

  • Curly hair

This structure is more delicate and therefore it is better to choose combs instead of hair brush. In addition, the ideal is to always brush them wet.

  • Straight hair

This texture requires round, thermal brushes with nylon bristles.

Wavy hair needs brushing

  • Wavy

The ideal brush should be round with mixed bristles, meaning the bristles should be one larger than the other.


Written by Luiza Lima

Worse things you can do to your hair! September 10 2018


Sometimes it seems that the hair revolts against us. Is not it? We hydrate, we try to take care of it, but even then it seems to have a life of its own. The point is that hair is a delicate part of us and you may be having some bad habits and having no idea. We hope that with this list you can identify the mistakes you are making to have healthier and beautiful hair.

Hot water can harm your hair

1- Washing very often or with very hot water

This practice removes a good amount of the oils that are essential for the health of the yarns.

Never brush your hair with strong

2- Brushing the hair wrongly

Two fatal errors: brush the hair with them wet or brush from the scalp (the right thing is to start from the tips).

Never use towel to dry yarns

3- You use towel to dry the yarn

The texture of a regular bath towel irritates your cuticles, causing frizz. Therefore, a cotton shirt is the best option. Just squeeze the excess moisture carefully and wrap the hair in the T-shirt.

4- Use dirty hair brushes

Sometimes we forget to clean the brushes all the time, right? But when brushing the hair, several dead skin particles that are not perceived by the naked eye are attached to the brush. This dead skin is the perfect environment for the accumulation of different types of bacteria and do not clean can help them go to your scalp.

5- Stuck hair all day

If you have the habit of use stuck hair very hard and for a long time, it can damage the wires, leaving them damaged, because the root is literally pulled back.

6- You are not eating enough protein

Your hair is made up of protein, so make sure you are eating foods that have enough of it, such as fish, chicken, lime, and other grains.

7- You are doing a lot of hydration

These products usually have a lot of silicone. The problem is that the substance, when used in excess, tends to accumulate in the strands, resulting in heavy, lifeless hair, rather than a shiny and soft. It is best to make hydrations only when necessary or invest in products without silicone.


Written by Luiza Lima

Do you know that the haircut can make you look thinner? August 27 2018

No, no ... You did not read wrong. The haircut you choose may rather give the impression that you are thinner and longer than you really are. Already excited to find out? So let's go! 

Just as there are the right haircuts for each type of face, there are also haircuts that can makes you look thinner and even younger. Women who have round or full face, always look for a haircut that "slim", and for this, we will see the following options:

To decrease the volume

If you already have very round face, having hair with a lot of volume can give the impression of fuller still. Contrary to what many people think, to prick can reduce the volume of the wires. Just choose a slightly shredded cut at the ends.

Show your neck

Show your neck

The more hair that covers the neck, fatter you will look. So let the neck show, to verticalize and balance the look.

Light color at the tips

Lighter color at the tips

A good tip is to make your hair tips lighter. This technique helps to make the face more elongated and jovial. And if you're afraid of blond yarns, that's fine ... it does not have to be that way! You can choose only one tone below your natural. This will give the desired effect.

Use long fringe

 Long fringe

Generally, the cheeks are the main cause of the chubby face. To change this, choose long fringes that can be used on the side, so you can disguise the protruding cheeks.

As you can see, there are many options and if you want to tune your face, just choose the one that suits your style. Again, the hair shows us that they are a great ally for any effect that is intended on the body!


Written by Luiza Lima

Dirty hair and late? Knows how to make them look clean August 15 2018

 Everyone has those days when we wake up late and don't not have time to wash his hair, but he is so dirty that we desperate. These days are normal and every woman has faced this problem, but sometimes this becomes a nightmare and makes us all day troubled. With that in mind, we'll give you quick and easy tips to help you through those difficult days. 

1- Divide hair from the opposite side

Probably the oily part of your hair is the one that gets most exposed. So, split the hair on the opposite side. This will help you to look cleaner and still give you more volume in head.

Hair spray

2- Use aromatic spray

If you are worried about the smell, use an aromatic spray to disguise it. This tip makes miracles.

3- Try not to comb

If possible, try brushing without the brush. The brush will spread the dirt from the root to the tips, so it is not the best choice.

Hair spray

4- Dry shampoo

This is a shampoo that is always good to have at home to help on these hard days. Pass the product at least 15 cm from the hair and VOILÁ!

5 - Play of hairstyles!

Abuse of creativity and make hairstyles. Braids, tails, cokes ... all this will help you disguise the threads and hold them in place.

6- Wash only the front

This trick is great because it makes the most apparent part of the hair clean. You can wash only the fringe in the sink in 3 minutes.

hair talc

7- Talc

This tip is wonderful especially for blondes, because the talc is white. Spend a small amount on the hair to disguise the dirt.

As you can see, "the bad hair day" is a common reality, but it is not the end of the world. It is possible to conceal them and make them beautiful. Another good tip is to enjoy these days that the hair is not as we would like and invest in other parts, such as make a good makeup or wear clothes that make you feel beautiful. The important thing is not to let your self-esteem get shaken!


Written by Luiza Lima

How To Hide White Hair Wires August 08 2018

Avoid white wires

Age is synonymous with maturity and elegance, but many people still can not see it that way. With it, often comes a few signs and many people are not prepared and instead of feeling safe are frustrated by the marks of time. If you are one of those people who is terrified of the white threads, stay alert to this matter, because it will be very useful for you.

"Have you ever thought about wearing makeup?"

That's right. It may seem strange but if you have dark hair this can be a great tip. Take a mascara and put at the wires you want to cover. Of course this solution is temporary and comes out in the bath, but is great for those who do not want to use chemistry.

hide white wires

- Leave-ins

Another alternative for who wants to disguise the white hair is the leave-in, that colors the wires gradually. They are available in the market and are passed directly in the hair.

- Another Makeup

But this one are made for the wires! There are already in the stores options of lipsticks for hair, used especially for this purpose. They are great choice for those who do not want to spend a lot, because they are usually cheap.

- Cut strip

This solution is already a bit more definitive, but still very good! According to professionals, the fringe makes some great volume to the hair and disguise the white wires. Especially those born in the front. If you have already thought about this cut, it is time to join the useful to the pleasant and to play!

- Corrective liquid for the head

As you may have noticed, these products are made to correct the white wires and are available in the market in several versions.

tint your hair to hide white wires

- Tincture

This is the last tip and probably the most obvious, but also the most definitive. If you do not want to use a lot of chemistry you can use a hair toner, but its coverage will be a little lower than the ink.

As you can see, the white hairs are not the end of the world and there are several solutions to hide them. But remember: even if you do not like the brands that time has brought with it, getting old is a privilege!


Written by Luiza Lima

Learn how to thicken fine hair July 31 2018


It is the dream of almost every woman to exhibit bulky and full hair, as well as a commercial of shampoo, but it is not all women who have this privilege.

A common problem among women is complaining about thin, brittle hair. Most of the time, the cause of this problem is in genetics, that is, they were inherited from family members. Another cause (even worse) is the gradual loss of capillary mass, which is lose over the years for a variety of reasons.

But now enough talk about bad things, and let's talk about the good one: the solutions!

Hydrate your hair once a week

1- Hydrate once a week

As always, there is no healthy hair without care. So, use your capillary schedule and make hydrations once a week, it can be at home or in the saloon. You can vary between industrialized or natural masks and see which ones are the best for your hair.

2- Capillary reconstructions

Moisturizing by itself already helps a lot to thicken the wires and improve the health of the hair fiber. But to get really at the root of the fiber you need to go deeper to return the lost nutrients. You can perform it at a beauty salon or at home, using specific reconstructive masks. Ideally, it should be repeated every 15 days or every month, depending on how thin and thin your strands are. This is a very important tip if the cause of your fine hair is the chemical.

3- Amino acids

Amino acids are essential for the structure of the strands, so they need to be in a certain amount in our body. You can use it directly in the hair (through products), but mainly, be aware of your food! A healthy diet rich in proteins (soy, egg, milk, cheese, meats, fish, chickpeas) is the key to this process.

4 - Use gelatin powder

This tip is wonderful because besides being powerful it is cheap. Put two tablespoons of the gelatin inside the shampoo glass and mix well. After that, use the product when washing hair, massage them for about 5 minutes so that the mixture acts on the structure. Then remove all the product with cold water and apply the conditioner normally.

Vitamin H helps to thicken hair

5- Vitamin H

Just like amino acids, vitamin H is essential to replenish hair mass and thicken hair. Therefore, bet on a rich food in these nutrients, such as fish, eggs and nuts.

Use mayonnaise!

6- Use mayonnaise

That's another great cheap tip! Mayonnaise has a highly moisturizing power capable of combating all dryness, the problem that most causes the wear and thinning of the threads. Apply mayonnaise throughout your hair and put on a cap. Let her act for about 15 minutes and then wash her hair normally. But attention! Put a towel around the neck as the mayonnaise should heat up and drain.

7- Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are wonderful for moisturizing hair. You can put it in your mask, in your conditioner or even pass it directly on wet or dry wires. Do it weekly. Among the best choices we can mention the argan, the coconut or the olive oil.

Hair is one of the main values ​​of the woman and to have it full and with movement is the dream that all thought to be unattainable. We hope we have helped you to end this drama and make peace with your hair!


Written by Luiza Lima

Why isn’t your hair growing?! July 24 2018

why isn't your hair growing?

Hair grows, usually between 1 cm and 1.5 cm per month. If the growth of your wires is on this average, do not worry cause that it's all right. It really is difficult to see the difference, so we advise you to take a picture every month and compare.

When measuring, be aware of the shape of your hair. If it is smooth, it grows down straight and it is easier to have notion of growth. But curly  wires make the whole curve, so you need to look at the size when they are so you will have a better sense of how much they have grown.

If after comparative you realize that your hair really is not growing, we will list some causes that can be associated with this:

- Double Tips

The hair grows with the double ends, but they do not allow to reach a good length because they break before.

- Dry hair

For the same reason double ends, dry wires become brittle and do not grow. In this case, you need to invest in lots of hydration.

- Lack of nutrients

Like everything in our body, hair needs nutrients and vitamins to grow. In that case, if you do not have good nutrition, it can affect your wires.

Wrong shampoos can harm your hair

- Wrong Shampoos

Shampoos and conditioners should be allied to your hair. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive when choosing the products. Do not use a shampoo for blond hair if you are brunette, for example.

- Season of the year or menstrual phase

Your hair grows less in winter and less when you're menstruating, so if you're in one of these stages, relax, there's nothing wrong with you!

If you have already discarded all the above options, it may be time to seek out a specialist. Other causes such as hormones, thyroid function, scalp health or genetics may be the reason for your problem. But do not worry, they all have a solution and if you take care right, your hair will grow more beautiful than before!

Combing your hair right can help hair growth

Written by Luiza Lima

Fancy Hair: How to keep the vibrant colors July 16 2018

Fancy hair, how to keep shining colours

If there is one thing that is allowed to dare is the hair! Vibrant colors like pink, blue, purple, orange, yellow and red are a trend for those who have the guts and are tired of being ordinary. But what many people do not know is that along with the style these hairs bring a range of care necessary for the wires to always be bright and beautiful colors. Here are some topics you need to read before playing with these dyes:

1- Do not wash your hair as much

As is well known, everyday washings will fade their hair and dry them as well. It is best to avoid washing them every day, and when possible, opt for cold water.

2- Do not abuse the shampoo

Apply only what is necessary to clean the hair, not to remove the paint. Put the amount of more or less one coin in the palm of the hands, that will be enough to wash the hair.

3- Dry shampoos

Dry shampoo using

As water is a great helper for fading, betting on dry washes from time to time are a great way to lessen washes.

4- Use specific products

Basic tip, but very important: use products for colored hair and, if possible, for the specific color chosen. These products have a more acidic pH and close the scales, making the pigment last longer and leaving hair brighter.

5- Cauterization

This is another indicated treatment as it does a deep hydration and seals the layers, which helps hold the color longer.

6- Sunscreen

The sun is an agent that fades the hair. In that case, is good to invest in sunscreens before leaving the house and if you like, hats as well.

7- Pigmentation masks

Since it is necessary to take a break between colors, it is possible to find products that help to revitalize the color of the threads between one tincture and another.

8- Keratin and lipids

Products with mopho-keratin, lipids and spirulina improve the hydration of the yarn and prevent fading.

Of course when making the decision to invest in the fancy colors it is necessary to be aware that to have hair worthy of fairy tale it takes a super care schedule. But we guarantee that if you follow all the steps correctly, your hair will leave anybody drooling!

Fancy hair, how to keep bright colours


Written by Luiza Lima

Assuming the curls: products that can help you July 11 2018

Learn how to take care of your curls   

For a long time the curls were seen to be something that needed to be tamed, imprisoned and so smoothed. Of course they are often difficult to handle and require some care, but with the right products, the curls become the new trend and assuming them means shouting freedom for the world.

    To give shape to your curls, one of the best products are the leave-ins. You can pass them and make a bun in the hair, thus giving movement to the wires. Another great product to give movement are the activators, which help shape this type of hair. You can use after shower making movements with your hands to give the desired shape.

    Often, curly yarns are thicker and frizzier, and therefore need double care. You need to watch out and make regular hydrations. If possible, include cauterizations every 15 days to give life to your hair. Coconut oil and Aloe Vera are also wonderful for moisturizing and shine. And you can use emollients based on shea butter or vegetable oils too.

take care of your curls

    Another good option is the low-poo treatments. The idea of ​​this technique is to use not only less shampoo but a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate is a product known to deep clean the hair and, with that, it removes the natural oiliness, especially of curly ones. If we are talking about maintaining the natural structure of the wires, it is good and fair to mention the low poo as a great technique to have a good result.

    Finally, bet on the value of your movement! Go to a good professional who knows how to respect your hair and who can give him a cut that he values. Also, buckle clips and accessories to embellish your new style are good choices.

    If you are thinking of getting rid of the bondage of straighteners, we hope that our tips have helped you, and that from today you can play in the waves!


Written by Luiza Lima

Discover 8 food types that make your hair healthier! June 26 2018

"You are what you eat". That we can make hydrations and choose good hair products, everyone already knows, but what rare people are aware is to care with hair from the inside out. As important as what we choose to get through the threads are the foods we choose to ingest. In today's text let's talk about some foods that gonna change forever the well being and the health of your hair.

Go to the nearest supermarket and add in your cart:

1- Carrot

Carrots can make your hair healthier!

It offers two very important nutrients: beta-carotene, which is a great antioxidant and therefore rejuvenates hair, and the second is vitamin A that nourishes scalp cells and interferes with the production of natural oils.

Ideal quantity: 1 unit average per day.

2- Spinach

Containing iron, a mineral that participates in the formation of red blood cells, nourishes the hair follicles. In addition, it regulates the yarn growth cycle.

Ideal quantity: 1 dessert plate per day.

3- Oats

The grain contains silicon, a mineral capable of structuring keratin, a protein that forms hair. Oats also contain B vitamins and zinc. These two vitamins together promote growth and help control hormonal changes, which can lead to falling and grow of white wires ahead of time.

Ideal amount: 1 tablespoon

4- Orange

The benefit to the hair is in the pectin, white part that wraps around the buds. There are fibers that will help remove toxins, which, in excess, contribute to the increase of oiliness and the appearance of dandruff.

Ideal quantity: 1 unit

5- Strawberry

Strawberries can make your hair healthier!

The fruit has flavonoids and vitamin C, substances that activate the blood microcirculation in the scalp. With the help of these nutrients, the yarns grow faster, harder and less subject to falling, cracking and drying.

Ideal amount: 1 cup of tea per day.

6- Natural yogurt

Yogurt has amino acids that strengthen the yarns and vitamins of the B complex. They favor the deposit of keratin in the yarn, making it more full-bodied and resistant.

Ideal amount: 1 cup (200 ml) per day.

7- Chestnuts

Chesnuts can make your hair healthier!

This oleaginous one deserves space in its diet for offering zinc. The lack of this nutrient leaves hair thin, brittle and dull.

8- Salmon

Salmon is very good to your hair!

Salmon has high doses of omega-3 and selenium. Together, they fight inflammation, protect the scalp against ultraviolet radiation, improve circulation and the quantity of nutrients of hair bulb

Ideal amount: 1 medium fillet three times a week.


Written by Luiza Lima

Dryers: allies or enemies? June 18 2018


Hair dryers are a controversial subject. Although they are often associated with ruining your hair, if used correctly, they can be a great ally in your routine.Often, after doing many chemical treatments, the threads become elastic and very difficult to be combed. Especially blond women, after making lights, face this problem. In this case, the dryer is a great ally, because if it dries naturally, perhaps the hair will burst.

Hair dryer reduces frizz

In addition, the dryer is a great ally of sealing, which is a treatment for frizz which nourishes the hair by means of heat. Keratin, for example, is an essential protein for hair that needs heat to be absorbed in the best way. So a great way to use the dryer is to buy a keratin (liquid, preferably) and put it in the hair after bathing once a week. After passing the product, dry the hair thoroughly immediately. Your hair will become super hydrated.

As you can see, the dryer is not just an enemy of hair. Everything is relative and he can be a great friend! But do not forget: always use a thermal protector so that the heat does not reach the scalp.

.Hair dryer is not an enemy!

Written by Luiza Lima 


Split Ends? See the causes and how to solve this problem June 13 2018

With these tips you will achieve strong and healthy hair


How to keep platinum longer

 If you are or have already been blonde, you will definitely identify with this situation: you leave the beauty salon with the perfect color, platinum the way you always dreamed and over the days will watch your hair turning yellow gradually. It is not easy to suffer this disappointment, but today we will teach you to keep platinum for longer.

The first step is changing habits. One of the things that most damages platinum color is heat. Whenever you bathe, use warm or cold water and try not to expose yourself to the sun without a thermal protector. The straightener, for platinum hair, is the worst option, because it is the one that comes in more direct contact with the blonde. In this case, avoid using it as much as possible, but if it is of extreme necessity, use at maximum temperature of -135ºF (180ºC).

Avoid hot baths

It seems obvious, but this tip is of the utmost importance: choose the right products for your hair! The platinum blonde is one of the most sensitive hair you can have, so you have to choose shampoos and conditioners that are specific to those who have this coloration. One should not fall into the false idea of ​​those products that are written: "shampoo for all types of hair". The label should have something like: "shampoo for platinized hair" or "shampoo for discolored hair".

Once a week or every 15 days, you should give yourself a purple shampoo and let it act for a few minutes. These products neutralize the yellow color, resulting in the desired honing tone. But attention: the shampoo is not miraculous and will not advance anything if you do not follow the previous tips.

Purple hair btox

As you can see, it is not at all impossible to keep the color that you left the salon, but you must be careful and discipline. We advise you to create a "capillary schedule" to care for your hair through the steps of hydration, warm protection and the right products. Your hair deserves this affection and this way, the color of dreams will never become your worst nightmare.


Learn how to take care of your hair after straightening April 17 2018

 With so many products on the market, nowadays a woman can choose what type of hair she wants. It is possible, for example, to have a curly hair and make a straightening treatment. However, nothing comes for free in the world, so, you have to be aware of the care that must be taken after modifying the structure of your hair. But do not worry! In this text we will help you continue with strong hair after straightening.Curly hair

To begin with, it is advisable to reduce the number of chemicals after the procedure. It's good to wait some time to dye your hair or make highlights. When you paint it again, ask the hairdresser to do a test to see if the hair can get another procedure. If the wires have become elastic, it is best to postpone the process.

It is also very common for the hair to become dry after straightening. If you notice that yours is like this, make hydrations weekly with products for your hair type. Another good tip is to put a thermal cap or a plastic bag to drown the hair with the cream, boosting the hydration. Leave-ins and natural oils are also a great option. The tips tend to get even more dry because straightening makes it difficult for nutrients to reach them. In this case, it is interesting to apply silicone to the ends.

Before and after straightening treatment

Lack of brightness is also a well reported problem after straightening. In that case, probably the cause is the loss of keratin. Therefore, it must be returned to the hair, applying liquid or cream keratin weekly in the first month. Then the application can be reduced to every 15 days.

Lastly, feel your hair! Just wash it when you really need it, and not because of routine. The less times you wash, the more your smoothing will last and you will still maintain the natural nutrients and oiliness.

Result of a hair straightening treatment

So, we came to bring the good news to you: no more nightmares! It is totally possible to have straight and healthy dream hair, you just need to take care of it later. In addition, we show that it is not so difficult to have the care routine. With some good products, the nutrients will be returned to the hair strands.

CLICK HERE to see our after care products.


Written by Luiza Lima

Learn how to maintain your natural hair oiliness April 10 2018

Learn how to maintain your hair oiliness

Different than many women think, an oiliness is a natural and healthy process for hair. According to the experts, as much as they do not like, the oiliness nourishes the wires and the scalp. A lot of times, by adopting wrong practices, many women tend to lose the natural oiliness of the hair, leaving it dry and dull. In this article, we will help you restore the life of your hair.

One of the first steps is to change the hot water to cold or warm. The hot water is bad for the hair because it removes all the natural oiliness, leaving the wires dry. In addition, this temperature hurts the scalp, leaving it unprotected, and may even result in dandruff. The ideal is to wash hair with cold water because it cauterizes the hair and maintains all natural proteins and oils. If you can not take a bath without hot water, the suggestion is: take your bath with the desired temperature and just cool down when rinsing the wires.

Learn how to wash your hair properly

Another very important thing is to be attentive to the Ph of the chosen shampoo. The pH of hair strands range from 4.2 to 5.8 and the scalp ranges from 3.8 to 5.6. Therefore it is important to use acid shampoos to maintain the balance of the wires. The pH causes variation in the intermolecular bonds of the wires. So, the right thing to do is to use shampoos with pH of 4 to 5, the slightly acidic ones. Once a month, it is interesting to use products with neutral PH, which help to make a powerful cleaning on the threads, treating them deeply.

One of the most effective and emergency options is to spread oil drops directly on the scalp. Spread five drops of oil ten minutes before going into the shower - it will seal the damaged fibers and restore the natural oiliness of the hair. Then apply a teaspoon of oil to the wires, wrap them in a warm, damp towel and let it act for about 30 minutes. The oil can be whatever you have at home, the olive and coconut are great choices.

The temperature of shower water can harm or help your hair

As you can see, it is not difficult or even expensive to maintain the natural oiliness of your wires. You just need to be aware of the temperature of the water, choose good products and make an oil treatment when you feel the need. Stay alert to the daily care and you will bring life to your hair again.

Do you know Coconut oil? The best natural hydration! April 03 2018 1 Comment

Coconut oil the best natural hydration

Nature gives us everything we need, since we are her children. All hair and skin products feature a diversity of natural products that make up a nutrient formula. What many people do not know is that many nutrients can be used pure, like coconut oil

The oil has vitamin K, vitamin E and iron. They leave the scalp stronger and nourished. For those who have dry hair, it is one of the best options, because it can penetrate the scalp. This is an incredible differential because most oils moisturize only the surface of the hair.

Coconut oil for hair hydration
For the women's nightmare, as double ends, coconut oil is also a great ally. It seals the ends giving a more uniform look to the hair, without the unwanted frizz. In addition, it is responsible for optimal shine and softness.

It is important to tell you that this oil is also one of the most versatile on the market. If your hair is very oily, it is good to pass it before showering and then wash. But if the case is a dry hair, it is ideal to pass the product after the bath, in small amount, as a leave-in. This will make it bright longer. Now, if your desire is to accelerate hair growth, massage the scalp, this stimulates blood flow and increases capillary oxygen.

As you can see, this oil rich in fatty acids is one of the best options when it comes to improving hair health. It is rich in oxidants, and best of all: you can include it being your hair long, short, blonde, tan, red, afro, curly or straight. No segregation!